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Visit of Ashish Nehra at SJA


On a winter’s day, on 9th February 2020, SJA hosted a programme to felicitate Ashish Nehra, former cricketer and currently the bowling coach of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

Ashish Nehra visited the beautifully manicured cricket ground at SJA to interact with the budding cricketers who are enrolled at the Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy. He also spent considerable time at the ‘Nets’ providing useful tips to the young trainees who, along with a crowd of enthusiastic visitors, motivated everyone with his presence and informal and friendly discussions.

Since its inception two years ago, the Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy at SJA which was the brainchild of our late Director, Mitchell Ryan Innes, has attracted many young aspiring children both boys and girls to participate and train under professional guidance. Mr Ashish Nehra was impressed with the cricket outfield and the standards attained at SJA to provide quality cricket facility in this part of Allahabad.

Our Director Mr. C.V. Innes and Mrs. D. Innes along with the Vishal Singh accompanied Mr Ashish Nehra who requested them to keep up the excellent work and was highly appreciable in the level of cricketing standards attained at SJA as part of the objectives of the Ashish Nehra Cricket Academy.

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