PTM & library rules



Regular Parent – Teacher meetings give an opportunity to the parents and teachers to meet and discuss the progress of the students. Parents are requested to meet the teachers of their ward on the P.T.A. day, when the teachers of that class are available for discussions. It is also important for the parents to meet the Class Teacher, so that they can see their ward’s Test Files.

Parents who wish to meet the Class/Subject teachers other than on P.T.A. days should take prior appointment from the office for the same.

Parents and guardians are prohibited from visiting any teacher directly. They should contact the Principal/Incharge for such permission.


  1. Students will be allowed to take one book at a time.
  2. Books will be issued during the library periods. No book will be issued or returned during Class hours.
  3. A student can keep a book for a week and the same can be renewed further for another week. A book in great demand will be issued for a maximum period of 3 days only.
  4. Reference books will not be issued. The students will be allowed to consult the reference books only during the School hours.
  5. The Librarian can call for a book before time.
  6. If the date of issue or return of books happens to be a holiday, it stands postponed to the next working day.
  7. If the book is not returned on the due date, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged as late fee.
  8. Absence is no excuse for the delay in return of the book. In case a book is misused or lost, the concerned student will have to pay the full price of the book as it costs in the market on that day/week.
  9. Writing names, scribbling, underlining, folding, tearing the pages etc. is strictly forbidden. Fine will be levied for violation of these rules.
  10. Students should not exchange, lend or pass on the books to any one else.
  11. Strict silence should be maintained in the library.
  12. Students will not be allowed to carry their personal books or bags to the library. A Notebook can be taken to the library with the prior permission of the librarian.


Students can avail of the School Transport subject to the availability of seats. The routes of the school buses will be made available to parents and students. The School does not entertain any request for change in bus-routes to suit an individual’s convenience. Change of bus stop for a day or a week is not entertained as it endangers the safety of students. As a rule such a request should not be made. In cases of emergency, parents should take their child personally from the school with the permission of the Principal. It will be appreciated if such information is sent to the school in advance.
Parents of students are not allowed to travel in the bus under any circumstances. Parents are requested to see that the children are escorted to and from the bus. Children/escorts should be at the bus stop 7 to 10 minutes before the expected arrival of the bus.

  1. If in any case the student does not come to school by bus in the morning but has to go back by it, he/she must inform the driver of the same.
  2. If a child goes back home with his parent/guardian instead of the school bus he/she must inform the driver.
  3. Bus fees should be paid on time or else bus fee defaulters shall forfeit their seat in the bus.
  4. Defaulters in payment of Bus Fee shall have to pay Rs. 100/- per month as late fine. Habitual defaulters may not be allowed to use the bus facility.
  5. Students availing of bus facility should get their names enrolled for the bus every year. As there are limited seats, this shall be done on a first come first served basis.
  6. All students must carry their Bus pass and produce it when required.
  7. Seats of students in the bus as fixed by the bus in-charge must not be changed by the students themselves.
  8. Students using the school bus should maintain discipline in the bus.
  9. Bus fees shall be charged quarterly. Students joining the bus in mid term have to pay fees for the full quarter.
  10. If any student wants to discontinue using the school bus, a written application for the same must be submitted to the Principal, one month in advance of the quarter.

Note : Misconduct in the bus may result in forfeiting of the seat.
For Transport contact : 9452882707


The Whole Brain Development Programme & ABACUS

We at Saint John’s Academy, are continuously making efforts to improve the quality of Education and performance in our students. This programme is already being taught in many prominent Schools of India and abroad and has been recognized as an excellent tool in shaping the student’s overall performance by utilizing their mental capabilities to the fullest.

It is compulsory for Classes I, II, III, IV & V.


Teaching methodologies are changing very fast in the educational sphere, old technologies are transforming into new ones, which promise better connectivity. Our School has Audio-Visual Rooms where audio-visual slides are used to aid the teachers as well as the students in the teaching learning processes.

It has a repository of multimedia objects such as animations, diagrams, videos and worksheets which help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the teachers. It is regularly and effectively used by the teachers.


Trousers		-		Grey
Skirts			-		Checked
Shirt			-		School White Shirt
Shoes			-		Black 
School Tie				
School Belt				House wise

Trousers		-		Grey
Skirts			-		Checked
Shirt			-		School White Shirt
Shoes			-		Black 
Socks/ Stockings					
School Tie
School Belt
School Blazer/ Pullover


  1. A tag bearing the name of the pupil should be attached to the School Blazer and Jersey/ Pullover of the pupils.
  2. All students are expected to wear the regular naughty boy black shoes and P.T. Keds. Nothing fancy is permitted for school use.
  3. All new admissions in the school (Class I upwards) must obtain allocation of their Houses from the Office, before purchasing the House belt and House T-Shirt.
  4. All girls should keep their hair neatly tied and well secured with black pins/ bands on all occasions.
  5. All girls should wear knee length skirts and bloomers.
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