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Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021


Teacher’s Day or ‘Shishak Divas’ as it is known in India, was ushered in at
Saint John’s Academy at a function held on Saturday, 4 th September 2021.

The programme was organized by the students of the school in honour of their
mentors and gurus- the Teacher. Last year, during to the Covid -19 pandemic,
the school was shut and annual celebrations were generally replaced by virtual
ones. This year however, Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great fervour and
enthusiasm. The programme was literally a role reversal for the students who
put up a wonderful performance of dance, songs and music with the School
Choir excelling in rendering of the song ‘You Raise Me Up’.

The programme was attended by the Directors of the school, Mr. C.V. Innes and
Mrs. D. Innes along with staff and Senior students. In his address, Mr C.V.
Innes highlighted the importance of teachers as ‘INSPIRATION’ to drive
students to do well and succeed in life, and as role models for students to look
‘UP’ to them.

The Principal Dr. Zareen Rizvi Proposed a vote of thanks. The Staff and
Teachers were presented with gifts by the management of SJA in grateful
recognition of their services rendered in their profession as Teachers at Saint
John’s Academy.

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