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School Concert 2014


1st Day

Scintillating Display of Talents at Saint John’s Academy

The “School Concert” of Saint John’s Academy was organized on 21st November 2014. Mr. C. V. Innes, Mrs. D. Innes, Mr. M. Innes were the guests of honour for the day. The concert which was a huge success started with a melodious welcome song “Swagtam Shubh Swagatam”. Next the Tiny Tots took over the stage with their rhymes “Shining Stars”. The hearts of the audience was filled with joy after witnessing “Blind Fold Contemporary Dance” followed by a drama “Cinderella”. The enthusiastic students shook their body with rhythm by presenting dance forms, such as “Basking on The Beach and Rajasthani Folk Dance “Kaaluo”. The audience was conveyed a very fruitful message by the hindi play “Pazeb”, which was entertaining and at the same time a critic. The audience was also enthralled and amazed to see the fashion show “From leaves to Weaves” which highlighted the evolution of humans (atleast in terms of clothing). Following this was a heartfelt dance by the tiny tots named Silver Step. The students of Classes III, IV and V also performed an english play “Camila” and her brothers which brought out the true meaning of a relationship. We had few budding artists showcasing their talents. The school Choir kept the crowd entertained in between.

The end of the day was stupendous as it concluded with “Glittering Goldies” (a dance) performed by students of classes I and II which mesmerized the audience and brought them to the edge of the seat. The Chief Guest congratulated the parents and highlighted the importance of good education in ones life. At last the Vice-Principal Dr. Z. Rizvi proposed the vote of thanks and fabulous day one of the “School Concert” was concluded.

2nd Day

Light of Hope and Joy at Saint John’s Academy

After a stunning day one performance day two of the “School Concert” of Saint John’s Academy took place on 22nd November 2014. The day began with the school choir enchanting the hymn “In his time” to seek the lord’s blessings. Following up was a circus cum drama conveying and highlighting the massage “Save the Wild, Save Humanity”. Next was a mesmerizing dance by the girls of classes 9-12 signifying the need of “Women Empowerment.

The audience bursted into laughter after listening to the Hasya Kavi Sammelan named “Hasgulle” which was really entertaining. The atmosphere was warmed up by an enthusiastic and passionate dance based on the theme of World Cup which showcased the intermingleness of cricket and dance choreography. “The Miracle Worker” based on the life of “Helen Keiller” was performed by students of senior classes (9-12), which touched the hearts of the audience and made them emotional. Following such an emotional act was a musical fusion “Rhythm Dwaine” “Satya Ki Jeet” was another brilliant Hindi play which showcased the attributes, of mythological characters such as “Harishchandra and Vishwamitra”.

The day concluded with a light of hope as the students highlighted their talents with a shadow dance performance “Flight of Hope” followed by the school choir with a melodious hymn “Whispering Hope”. The Chief Guest addressed the audience followed by the vote of thanks proposed by the Vice-principal Dr. Z. Rizvi. In this way one of the most prominent “School Concert” in the city came to as brilliant conclusion.

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