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Dear Parents
Having the Freedom to read and the freedom to choose is one of the
best gifts we as parents and teachers give to our Children
Off course research has proven that great reading naturally leads to a
great education
To bring home the joy of books and happiness of reading together
Saint John’s Academy is delighted to showcase the Scholastic Virtual
Book Fair for all our students. Designed to provide student’s easy
access to age-appropriate books, a Virtual Book Fair features the same
great books, series, and characters kids love.
Delivered directly to your homes, the Scholastic Virtual Book fair is an
immersive experience of browsing books with book trailers, author
videos, how-to videos for activity kits, and much more.
Dear Parents, click on the Link to experience the highlights of the
Virtual Fair through the attached interactive brochure. It brings in a
shared browsing experience for you and your child.

Please find the digital invite to join the fair our new Scholastic Book Club is
up and running! Go to http://schools.scholastic.co.in/st-johns-212301 to
browse the latest books and order online.

The dates for the Book Fair FROM 17th TO 27TH August, 2020

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