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Message from the Principal


Dear Students,
I hope and pray that all of you are safe and secure at your homes and are making good use of this time.

I am sure you are getting sufficient materials to carry on with your studies. I wouldn’t expect full-time studies from you but do spend enough time to complete your course. It may happen that when we go back to school after this we may not have enough time to revise thoroughly whatever is being taught just now. So study regularly.
It is an unusual situation that we all are in. We shall overcome this crisis and will soon pick up the pace with diligence. The School eagerly wishes to see you all soon.

Meanwhile, I advise you to help out your parents in whatever way you can.
Let’s pray for all the people who are risking their lives for our safety. Let’s make an effort to make it a meaningful year of empathy. Empathy does not mean financial assistance alone, it could be any thoughtful act of compassion rendered to any needy person with love. Opportunities are all around us.
I wish that you be safe and secure and let this time transform us to be more humane and empathetic towards one another and to all creation. 
Take Care.
Stay Safe Stay Home.

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