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Memorial Service 2019


It was a poignant day at St. John’s Academy, Karchana, when the school held a Memorial Service on August 23, 2019 to honour and commemorate the life of Mitchell Ryan Innes. He was one of the founding fathers of the academy and was instrumental in establishing the school.

The service was presided over by Rev. Parvez Sethna at the Mitchell Memorial Hall in the presence of family members, friends and staff and students of St. John’s Academy. Homage and floral tributes were paid to the departed soul, fondly remembering his contribution to the school as well as his as his personal involvement in touching people’s lives.

The memorial service was interceded with prayers and scripture readings along with the rendering of hymns by the school choir. A heartfelt presentation capturing images of his life was also shown.

The ceremony concluded with prayers for the Innes family and for the school, ending with the benediction by Rev. Sethna.

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