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Investiture Ceremony 2023


The Investiture Ceremony of Saint John’s Academy, held on August 9, 2023, marked the appointment of new leaders who will carry the institution’s values forward. The ceremony aimed to inspire students to embrace leadership, responsibility, and integrity.

The event was conducted under the guidance of Mrs. S. Bowen, who orchestrated the proceedings gracefully. The assembly commenced with a prayer led by Mrs. L Abraham, followed by Mr. J Antony reading a passage from the holy bible, adding a spiritual dimension to the event.

The choir added a melodic touch to the ceremony by singing the school song, filling the atmosphere with a sense of unity and pride. This rendition brought the entire audience together and set a spirited tone for the rest of the event.

The highlight of the ceremony was the symbolic act of Director Mr. CV Innes handing over the leadership flags to the newly appointed office bearers, signifying the formal initiation of their roles.

Principal Dr. (Ms) Z Rizvi concluded the event by delivering a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the outgoing leaders and all involved in making the ceremony a success.

The newly appointed office bearers for the academic year 2023-24 are:

Captains 2023-24

  • Head Boy: Prince Rai (XII A)
  • Head Girl: Saranya Jaiswal (XII B)
  • Sports Captain: Mohd. Muzammil Akhtar (XII A)
  • Sports Captain: Kajal Singh (XII A)

Dolphin House (Blue)


  • Captain: Samarth Agrawal (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Kaustuv (XII A)
  • Prefect: Ujjwal Kesarwani (XII A)
  • Prefect: Bhuvanendra Pratap Singh (XII B)
  • Prefect: Kshitij Gupta (XI A)
  • Prefect: Mohd Ayaz (XI A)


  • Captain: Saranya Jaiswal (XII B)
  • Vice Captain: Era Shahnawaz (XII A)
  • Prefect: Ojaswi Singh (XII A)
  • Prefect: Shreya Pandey (XII A)
  • Prefect: Masoom Kesharwani (XI B)
  • Prefect: Sheetal Mishra (XI B)

Eagle House (Yellow)


  • Captain: Divyansh Mishra (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Pragyan Shukla (XII A)
  • Prefect: Satwik Malviya (XII B)
  • Prefect: Soham Shukla (XI A)
  • Prefect: Vishesh Agarwal (XI B)


  • Captain: Shreya Gupta (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Anshika Srivastava (XII A)
  • Prefect: Vaibhavi Gupta (XII A)
  • Prefect: Arushi Singh (XI A)
  • Prefect: Muskan Singh (XI A)
  • Prefect: Shweta Tiwari (XI A)

Panda House (Green)


  • Captain: Mohd. Muzammil Akhtar (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Abhishek K. Vishwakarma (XII A)
  • Prefect: Sanskar Pal (XII A)
  • Prefect: Harshit Vishwakarma (XII A)
  • Prefect: Gaurav Bind (XII B)
  • Prefect: Vijjwal Singh (XI B)


  • Captain: Nainsi Singh (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Akshara Singh (XII A)
  • Prefect: Zaara Arora (XI B)
  • Prefect: Kriti Mishra (XI B)
  • Prefect: Shweta Minz (XI B)

Tiger House (Red)


  • Captain: Neelabh Mishra (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Ayush Singh (XII B)
  • Prefect: Pratyush Tripathi (XII A)
  • Prefect: Siddharth Anand (XII B)
  • Prefect: Ali Ahmad (XI A)
  • Prefect: Sanskar Dwivedi (XI B)


  • Captain: Prasanyta Singh (XII A)
  • Vice Captain: Tasmia Parveen (XII B)
  • Prefect: Ashfiya Khan (XII B)
  • Prefect: Shreyashi Singh (XII A)
  • Prefect: Anushka Singh (XI B)
  • Prefect: Anshika Singh (XI A)

The ceremony also featured speeches by the Head Girl, Saranya Jaiswal, and the Director, Mr. CV Innes. The Head Girl shared her thoughts on leadership, responsibility, and the privilege of serving the academy. The Director emphasized the importance of student leadership in shaping the institution’s future.

The Investiture Ceremony left a lasting impression on attendees, reminding them of the importance of leadership and service in the educational journey. The newly appointed office bearers are poised to lead the student body with dedication and uphold the academy’s values.


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