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Independence Day Programme 2023


The Independence Day celebration at Saint John’s Academy was a momentous event that captured the essence of patriotism and unity. The day was marked by various activities and performances that showcased the students’ dedication to their country. The event was held in the school premises, where teachers, students, and staff came together to commemorate the 77th Independence Day of India.

The programme commenced with an eloquent Welcome Address delivered by Anshika Srivastava, a student of XII A. Her words resonated with the audience, setting a spirited tone for the day’s proceedings.

The National Salute was a proud moment, led by the NCC Cadets, who displayed discipline and reverence towards the national flag. This was followed by the solemn Flag Hoisting ceremony by the Director Mr. C.V. Innes, accompanied by the rendition of the National Anthem, which filled the atmosphere with patriotic fervour.

The event featured a medley of performances that brought out the spirit of the occasion:

  • Students from classes VI to VII presented a stirring Patriotic Poem in Hindi, titled “Humein Mili Azaadi,” capturing the significance of freedom.
  • Prince Rai, the Head Boy of the school, delivered an inspiring speech in English, reflecting on the journey of the nation and the responsibilities of its youth.
  • Classes IX and X put up a thought-provoking skit titled “Azaadi Ka Rakht Path,” highlighting the sacrifices made for the country’s freedom struggle.
  • A dance performance by students from classes IX and XI showcased the theme of Women Empowerment, titled “Bharat Ki Beti,” celebrating the strength and resilience of Indian women.
  • Class VIII presented a heartfelt Patriotic Poem in English, titled “India, Our Motherland Where Love Transmutes,” expressing their love for the nation.
  • Neelabh Mishra delivered a passionate speech in Hindi, reflecting on the values that continue to bind India together.
  • Classes IV and V enchanted the audience with a vibrant Patriotic Dance Medley, demonstrating their enthusiasm and love for the country.
  • The NCC Cadets also staged a skit titled “Life of a Soldier,” portraying the sacrifices and dedication of the armed forces.
  • The NCC cadets were felicitated with medals for excellence various fields showcased at the NCC camp by our Principal, Dr. Z. Rizvi.
  • The Director of the school, Mr. C.V. Innes, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of unity and dedication in building a strong nation.
  • The Mistress and Master of the Ceremony, Mrs. S. Bowen and Mr. Abhijeet, skillfully conducted the event, keeping the audience engaged and the programme running smoothly.

The Independence Day programme at Saint John’s Academy was an event filled with patriotic zeal and a sense of unity. The performances, speeches, and presentations showcased the students’ deep understanding of the nation’s history and their commitment to upholding its values. The event successfully instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in the hearts of all attendees, reminding everyone of the sacrifices made for India’s freedom and inspiring them to contribute positively to the nation’s progress.


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