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G Suite accounts for students


Students, the school has assigned individual G Suite account to each of our students. These G Suite accounts will help us identify the students and keep our ‘Google Classroom’ organized.

The G Suit account will be in the form of @saintjohnsacademy.com. For example, if your admission number is 1234, then your username will be 1234@saintjohnsacademy.com.

Your password will be the first character of your first name in the capital, followed by your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format, followed by the last two digits of the registered phone number of your father. In case, there is no father’s phone number in the school records, the last two digits of the mother’s phone number will be used. For example, if the name of the student is Rakesh Kumar and his date of birth is January 10, 2005, and his father’s phone number is 987654321, then the password would be R1001200521.

Students can log in using their G Suite from the web by visiting www.gmail.com and providing their username and password as explained above. Students can also use the ‘Gmail’ app on Android/iOS to login from the mobile phone.

Students will be required to login into Google Classroom app using their G Suite account and all their classes will appear automatically without any subject codes. Students must also login in their default browsers using their G Suite account for assignments. This can be done by opening classroom.google.com in the web browser and logging in with G Suite account using the menu on the top left.

Telegram Channel

In order to facilitate communication/updates students are encouraged to install Telegram app and subscribe to the SJA channel by using https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEb7IwuyluBRZLJ2cg

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