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Fancy Dress Competition 2014


A fancy dress competition was held at Saint John’s Academy on July 17-18 for the students of classes P-Nur. to second.
The children disguised as Fruits/Vegetables/ Animals/mythological characters etc. mesmerized the audience. The parents active participation and co-operation was highly appreciated. It was pleasing to see the young children walk up and take the take the stage smartly. Mrs. D. Innes congratulated the winners. And parents.
The Winners were: –
Pre Nursery-
First Prize winner – Peehu Arora
Second Prize winner –    Aradhya Mishra
Third Prize winner – Aron Ansh Roy
First Prize winner – Atharv Shukla
Second Prize winner –    Abhinandan Das & Ananya Tripathi
First Prize winner – Dhairya Pratap Singh
Second Prize winner –    Shahid Jamal
Third Prize winner – Amrita Pandey
Winner of All Prep – A
First Prize winner – Anshika Gupta – Prep B
Second Prize winner –    Vaishnavi Singh – Prep C
Third Prize winner – Divyanshi singh Prep A

Consolation Prizes Winner :     Pranshu Jain (Prep-B), Anushka Bharadwaj (Prep-A) & Ishan Tripathi (Prep-C)
Category 1 (Class I)
First Prize winner – Riddhima Dhar
Second Prize winner –    Shriyansh Garg & Akshat Maheshwari
Category 1 (Class II)
First Prize winner – Aishwarya Rai
Second Prize winner –    Harshit Mishra & Kaustabh Jaiswal
Consolation Prizes Winner : Vijjwal Singh (Class – II)

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