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English Elocution Competition 2014-15


On September 12, 2014 after the filtration of many students the Annual Elocution Competition for Classes VI & VII was beseeched. The participants were very enthusiastic. It was miraculous to see none of them nervous, mainly because of the enormous preparation by the students under the able guidance of the class teachers. The event was judged by Mr. P. Medley and Co. G. Newton. The event was conducted by Ms. S. Ghayas.

The result was as follows:

Group Elocution

1st VI C (Class Teacher : Mrs. S. Gupta)

2nd VI B (Class Teacher : Mrs. F. Ahmad)

3rd VII B (Class Teacher: Ms. S. Ghayas)

Individual Elocution

1st Shivesh Gupta of VI C & Sourish Roy of VII C

2nd Pranjal Singh of VI D

3rd Kritika Ojha of VII B


The English Declamation Competition for Class VIII was held on 12th September 2014 under the able guidance of Mrs. J. Antony. The participants had to deliver speeches delivered by great personalities. The event was judged by Mr. P. Medley and Co. G. Newton. The judges were glad to witness a competition of such good level.

The result was as follows:

Individual Declamation

1st Surabhi Tuteja of VIII B delivered a speech by Indira Gandhi.

2nd Mohd. Saad Quraishi of VIII C delivered a speech by Elie Wiesel

Group Elocution

1st VIII B (Class Teacher : Mrs. J. Antony)

2nd VIII D (Class Teacher : Mr. S. Chokroborty)

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