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Bal Mela 2024 at Saint John’s Academy, Allahabad


Allahabad, India – The vibrant and joyous Bal Mela 2024 was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Saint John’s Academy on January 26, 2024, marking a memorable day of fun and festivity for students and families alike. The event, organized by the school, was a spectacular display of entertainment, cultural showcases, and community engagement.

Highlights of the Event

  1. Food Stalls: The Mela was a paradise for food enthusiasts, featuring an array of food stalls that offered a variety of local and international cuisines. From traditional Indian snacks to more exotic flavors, the stalls were a hit among attendees of all ages. The hygiene and quality of food were commendable, reflecting the care and preparation put into the event.
  2. Games and Activities: The games stalls were the heart of the Mela, attracting a large number of children and adults. These stalls included a mix of skill-based games and fun activities, ensuring there was something for everyone. The excitement and laughter resonating from these stalls created a lively and engaging atmosphere.
  3. Magic Show: A highlight for many was the Magic Show, which captivated the audience with astonishing tricks and illusions. The magician’s performance was both entertaining and interactive, as he involved the audience in his acts, leaving everyone in awe of his skills.
  4. Puppet Show: The Puppet Show was another major attraction, especially for the younger attendees. The show featured intricately designed puppets and skilled puppeteers who brought various characters and stories to life, much to the delight of the children.
  5. Rides: The Mela also offered a range of fun rides, catering to both young kids and thrill-seekers. These rides were a source of great excitement and provided a mini-amusement park experience within the school grounds.

Community Engagement

The Bal Mela not only served as an entertainment hub but also as a platform for community engagement. Parents and local vendors actively participated, contributing to the Mela’s success. The involvement of the local community fostered a sense of unity and celebration beyond the school’s boundaries.


The Bal Mela 2024 at Saint John’s Academy was a resounding success, creating a space for joy, entertainment, and community bonding. It showcased the school’s commitment to providing holistic experiences for its students and the community. The memories from this day will undoubtedly linger in the hearts of all who attended.

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