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21st Founder’s Day Celebrations


The Founder’s Day was celebrated in Saint John’s Academy on 18th September 2014. The day began with the Thanks Giving Prayer Service by “speaker Rev. Parvez Sethna” (Bible Seminary). The staff and the students thanked the Almighty. The day also marked the finals of the Swimming Gala. The school was overwhelmed by the presence of the esteemed guests of honour Founder’s “Mr. C. V. Innes” and “Mrs. D. Innes”. Everyone present, thoroughly enjoyed the Swimming Gala and acknowledged the effort put in by the participants as well as by the trainers.

The prizes were given away by ‘Mrs. Innes’ and ‘Rev. Parvez Sethna’ enlightened us with the very essence of his words.     This was followed by the ‘Alumni Interaction’ which signified the love and affection the students still have towards the school.

The day ended with the Founder’s Day lunch and marked the closing of a remarkable day and that too on a joyful and cheerful note.

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