Fee rules


Fee rules
Please follow these instructions

  1. School fees will be charged for 12 months in the year, April to March in 4 quarterly installments in April, July, October and January.
  2. Fees must be deposited in Bank of India, Naini Branch, Allahabad by the due date.
  3. Dates for payment of fees:
    (a) April, May, June 2014 1st to 15th April, 2014
    (b) July, Aug., Sep. 2014 1st to 15th July, 2014
    (c) Oct., Nov., Dec. 2014 1st to 15th October, 2014
    (d) Jan., Feb., March 2015 1st to 15th January, 2015
  4. Bus fees (if applicable) must be paid with fees payable in April, July, October and January at the School counter only.
  5. In no case should the dues be allowed to fall in arrears. If the fees fall in arrears the student’s name will be struck off from the school rolls without further notice and readmission may not be granted.
  6. Name, Code Number and Class of the student must be correctly mentioned in Block letters by Parent/Guardian on the Fee Deposit Slips.
  7. Prior to the withdrawal of a student, a month’s notice with effect from 1st of the month must be given by the parent/guardian; otherwise one month’s fees will be charged in lieu thereof.
  8. Fees will not be accepted in cash at the School except in defaulter cases with penalty of ` 200/- which will increased by `. 5/- per day, including holidays and Sunday.
  9. Please make sure the cheque is complete in all respects before depositing the same at the bank, viz.
    – The name & address of the branch.
    – The date
    – Your Bank Account number
    – Your Signature
    – No cuttings/alterations are allowed on the cheques.
  10. Please ensure that there are adequate funds in your account to cover the cheque issued by you.
  11. Cheques not honoured for any reason could lead to serious repercussions. A fine of ` 500/- will be charged along with the fees in such cases.
  12. The Teacher’s copy of Fee Deposit Slip should be submitted with the Class Teacher as soon as the fees is deposited.
  13. Fee Deposit Slips should be kept carefully and produced if required.
  14. In case of delay in payment of fees the office may communicate one reminder with the guardian in the Fee record section (Page No. 35 & 36 ). However if the fees is still not submitted within the same quarter, your ward’s name shall be struck off the roles without any further notice. Re-admission may not be granted.

N.B. Parents/Guardians are required to please keep their record for reference, if any, whenever required by the school.


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