General rules


All students are required to conduct themselves in a disciplined and respectable manner.

  1. On class days and at school functions students must wear the uniform prescribed for the season. Student should come to school clean and tidy. Students who are not correctly dressed and whose general appearance does not conform to such regulations as the school prescribes, will be sent home as a form of punishment. If irregularity in school uniform or time to attend school exists persistently, the parents will be asked to withdraw their ward for disrespecting school rules.
  2. Pupils are required to take part in various co-curricular and extra curricular activities, when required to do so, participation will be deemed compulsory by the school authorities.
  3. Bangles, bracelets, rings, or any other kind of jewellery is not allowed, Mobile sets, cameras, I-pods or any mechanical gadgets are not meant to be brought to school. Such items, if confiscated, will not be returned. Then and there action will be taken against such students.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring crackers, colours to school. Bursting of crackers and playing with colours is liable to lead to expulsion of the student. Extra accessories which do not match with the school uniform, are not allowed. Sporting large, fashionable and designer wrist watches is also not allowed.
  5. Students who come late to school and those who have been absent on the previous day must bring a letter of explanation from the parents, countersigned by the Principal, to be tendered to the class teacher. Students are not granted leave outside the regular vacation period (except in case of illness). An application from parents for leave of absence must be sent in advance to the Principal.
  6. Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises or grounds during the regular school hours. Permission to do so should not be requested. Please avoid taking leave for your ward for half day for security reasons. In case of an emergency please take prior written permission from the Principal.
  7. Students must leave the school premises within 30 minutes after the school gives over. Thereafter the school authorities will not be responsible for your ward.
  8. Pupils on their way to and from school are expected to conduct themselves in a befitting manner.
  9. Students coming to school by motorbikes/scooters should wear a helmet and carry their licence.
  10. Ordinarily, a School Diary is published under the authority of the school each year. Any change in the School rules are notified in the Diary. Each boy/ girl must possess a copy of the School Diary and bring it to School daily.
  11. Students should carry their I-Cards to school everyday. In case of loss of I-Cards, an application should be given immediately and a duplicate I-Card shall be issued on payment.
  12. Any note written by the Principal/teacher in charge and other teachers in the diary should be seen and countersigned by parents regularly. The message must be taken up seriously and duly acted upon. Parents are required to sign their ward’s Progress Report or any other information communicated through the diary when so required.
  13. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the School Staff or bad moral influence, justify dismissal.
  14. Do not send your child to school when sick. A student who has been suffering from any infectious disease must produce a certificate (from a competent authority) that he/she may attend School without risk of spreading infection.
  15. Parents are informed that their children are liable to be reprimanded or sent home in which circumstance the School disclaims all responsibility for their safety for :
    1. Not wearing the correct uniform.
    2. Repeatedly forgetting to bring books or coming to school without doing the home work.
    3. Not paying the School Fees within the specified time.
    4. Not bringing an explanatory note from the parents for their absence/late coming.
    5. Not getting the teacher’s remarks acknowledged by the parents more than three times.
    6. Permission will not be given to attend classes if your ward has been late to school for more than three times.
  16. The school will not be responsible for the loss of the belongings of children.
  17. Any kind of damage done to the School must be made good.
    1. Scribbling on walls, desks and board, as well as tearing of pages from exercise books or the School Diary is punishable and the student may be fined to the extent of damage caused.
    2. The students should see that their class rooms remain clean, seats and other things are kept properly arranged. The dustbins must be used for disposing off waste material. Littering the class or any area of school campus will be seriously dealt with.
  18. Pupils are strictly forbidden to introduce objectionable literature/CD’s, tobacco/tobacco products or other intoxicants into the school or make purchase from unauthorised dealers in or near the School premises. Any student found using /in possession of tobacco/any tobacco products/ other intoxicants within or outside School premises shall be rusticated with immediate effect.
  19. During the absence of the teacher from the class, pupils must obey the Prefect appointed to maintain good order and inform the office if any teacher has not reached the class within 10 minutes of the commencing of the period.
  20. Only in exceptional circumstances should private tutors be employed. Teachers in this school are not permitted to give tuition to the students of this school without prior permission. Permission forms are available from the school office on request.
  21. Parents must inform the school immediately in case of change in address and telephone number.

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